Alcohol-Free Vodka 

 one of the Arkay’s best sellers


Arkay Alcohol Free Vodka is not made from distillation therefore Arkay vodka contains Zero % ABV / Zero Alcohol / it is 100 % Alcohol Free, it is good for everyone and can be consumed anywhere. It is made with real Russian vodka natural flavoring blended with spring water that comes from an underground source in the country side of Mexico. Arkay respects the planet and uses 100 % recyclable glass bottles.

The Alcohol Free Liquor Collection” Arkay is gluten -free, sugar -free, with 0% alcohol by volume, ArKay is friendly veggies. ArKay is the best option to get away from liquors , it is 100 % alcohol free , feels and taste exactly like liquors. ArKay is perfect for modern Art Cocktails , the taste gives you the same sensation as any other alcohol based cocktails served today.

ArKay is great to enjoy with a group of friends, ArKay is worry free and guilt free. With ArKay you don’t have to choose between having fun and being safe. ArKay is for all barmen, mixologist, women etc. Whether you are a weight watcher, carb counter, or simply the DD of the night, Arkay will always be your best Wingman!

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